Working in the UK

Working in the UK

International students studying in the UK have the opportunity to work part-time while pursuing their studies. Typically, students are assigned to employers, allowing them to gain valuable firsthand experience in a work environment related to their course and future career goals.

Some students also participate in work placements or internships as part of their academic program, further enhancing their practical skills and industry knowledge.

Working as an International Student on a Study Visa

The number of hours and the type of work international students can undertake in the UK depends on their visa status and the institution where they study. Typically, students studying in the UK with a Tier 4 visa have the opportunity to work while pursuing their studies.

During term time, many students are allowed to work up to 10 or 20 hours per week, depending on their level of study. However, during holidays and breaks, students are often permitted to work full-time.

It’s important for international students to familiarize themselves with the specific regulations outlined in their visa and consult their educational institution for any additional guidelines or restrictions regarding employment opportunities.

Working as a European Economic Area EEA Student

European Economic Area (EEA) students studying in the UK have the privilege of being eligible to work. However, it’s important to note that students from certain countries, such as Croatia, may be subject to the Worker Authorisation Scheme. This scheme may require additional authorization for students from Croatia to engage in employment during their studies in the UK.

Working after Degree Completion

Similar to the United States, students who successfully complete a degree program in the UK are eligible to apply for a one-year visa extension without the need to obtain a separate work permit.

This extension is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in the UK after completing their studies. It allows them to explore employment opportunities and further enhance their skills and career prospects within the country.

Tier 4 (Genreral) Visa

Students holding a visa that permits work, such as the Tier 4 visa, are allowed to work both during their studies and during holidays. However, it is important to note that students who are publicly-funded are generally not permitted to take up part-time or full-time employment in the UK.

In the case of work placements as part of their course, students may be allowed to engage in such opportunities. However, it is crucial for students to confirm whether their specific visa status allows them to undertake any job or internship. Checking the visa regulations is mandatory to ensure compliance.

If students require further information or assistance regarding their visa status and employment opportunities, they can contact the appropriate authorities for guidance.

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