Education in Canada


Admission Requirements

The admission process and requirements for undergraduate studies in Canada can vary between institutions. However, there are some common elements that international applicants are typically required to submit. These include:

  • A completed application form An official high school transcript.
  • A letter explaining the reasons for applying, along with details of academic intentions
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended
  • A detailed resume showcasing educational achievements, progress, work experience, volunteer experience, community involvement, and other relevant experiences

Applicants who have completed high school or any post-secondary study outside of Canada must also submit:

  • Proof of English language proficiency Some universities and colleges also accept the TOEFL test.

Visa info requirements for students

Over the years, we have been committed to assisting international students in gaining admission to Canadian colleges and universities. We understand that many students who aspire to study in Canada often face challenges due to a lack of proper information on the student visa application process.

As professionals in this field, we will provide you with all the necessary information. Our services are available to anyone around the world who wishes to study in Canada.


Housing and Living

International students need to apply separately for on-campus accommodation as gaining admission to a Canadian university does not automatically guarantee a room or space on campus.

Many universities also offer assistance to students in need of both on-campus and off-campus accommodations.

Off-campus rent for an apartment in Canada can range from CA$400 to CA$1,500 per month for international students, depending on the type of accommodation and the city. International students are also required to pay additional monthly costs for utilities such as home phone, electricity, internet, and cable television.

Average living costs in Canada


Restaurant meals typically cost between CA$10 and CA$15 per person (US$8 to $11).A loaf of bread costs around CA$2.80 (US$2).


A one-way ticket for local public transport costs CA$3 (US$2).


The price of a cinema ticket is CA$12.25 (US$9).

Study Costs

Whether you are a local or international student, studying at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, you can benefit from more affordable study costs in Canada. The tuition fees in Canada depend on various factors, including the type of program and the level of study.

On average, international students in Canada are expected to pay around CA$14,000 (US$10,730) per year for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

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